Every business wants to list its company in the top of the search engines. But it is not possible to achieve. Doing SEO activities on their own is not possible for them due to the lack of SEO knowledge. So, these companies outsource their SEO activities to the SEO agency. You can find the SEO agency by searching the Internet. For example if you are living in Reno, you can type “Reno SEO companies near me” and the search engine will list the SEO firms in your city. Some companies are doing extraordinary work, but there are many SEO firms that make your website become worse, sometimes penalized and rated as a scam website by Google. Here are the tips to find the right SEO agency.

Keywords play a major role in displaying your website pn the top of the search engine. It is advisable that the keyword density should be 4 to 8 percent of the total content. To boost the website rank, some SEO companies will add more number of keywords than the recommended number and give them the same text color as the website background color. Initially, you may get a higher rank, but the user cannot view the keywords and people will not get attracted by your page. Also, search engines will penalize and even ban your website when the text color and the website color are the same.

Meta tags were widely used in early nineties when the search engines and Google was not technically updated. Meta tags will instruct your browser about the content on your web page. But in the recent days, search engines are using many advanced algorithms than Meta tags. But still some SEO firms are fooling people in the name of Meta tags.
Do not create too many websites with the same name and content. Google will penalize you for duplicate content and make your website exit the search engines. Some agencies will use the same content on multiple websites by changing only the keywords.

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