All of us have a different type of feet structure. Accordingly, there are different running shoes for different feet designs. Over the past few years, minimalistic shoes have become quite famous. These shoes allow the feet to function as naturally as possible. Today, shoes are being manufactured with less cushioning and support. Overall, the material use has reduced so that the shoes are as light as possible. There is a substantial amount of energy saved from lightweight shoes and that energy can be utilized for running. Heavy shoes can tire you up too soon. The idea behind such shoes is that maximum work is done by our feet and not the shoe.

People with high arched feet generally face problem in running fast if they do not wear proper shoes. This is known as underpronation where normal pronation is not present. Normal pronation is necessary for adequate shock absorption. A person with high foot arch faces the problem of decreased flexibility. Due to this reason, cushioning is made the primary focus in underpronation shoes. Tendon injury, ankle sprain, and fractures can occur very easily if you do not wear underpronation shoes and B3products underpronation and shoes reviews can be found online.

You will get a little idea about what to buy and what not to. Mostly, Nike Air Pefasus, Brooks Ghost, and Asics Nimbus are famous for underpronation shoes. Cushioned shoes need to be in good condition then only they will provide you the desired support. Running shoes are undergoing changes every year. You need to be updated with the latest products to get the best buy. Visit a knowledgeable ankle and foot physician to know more about your feet. They will suggest you proper shoes also. Their help can solve your problems in a go. Next time, when you are thinking of buying running shoes, do consult a physician first.